The Mysterious Person known only as “M”, or occasionally “Mr. E”...


Encounters and Clues Gathered Of M:

  • Elanna, the wife of Oleg. Was discovered to be transponders with M. Saying someone appeared one rainy night, offering help in keeping th business running, a chance to bring back her son. She wrote the details of inn-goers, using a code of moon runes. She was caught by Tigerlilly sending a letter on a raven with a single blue-moon scarred eye.
  • The Staglord’s quarters we’re found to contain letters similar to Elanna’s. They soon learnt another person was pulling the strings. Using the trading post and bandits to smuggle goods and weapons, to siege an attack on southern Brevoy,
    And the Southern Lands.
  • The raven was spotted watching from a window in the felled fort. Alruc spoke to it and confirmed it was watching before it took off.
  • Alruc and Elsmeera met him one night after an attack on Sarenhearth of undead raiders and giantkin. He referred to the creatures as failed experiments and encouraged attacking Vordakai for the instigation. He was projecting himself at a campfire a few miles away from the battle, watching over a hill. He wore a blue coat of a seasoned noble. Having a black beard and silver-blue eyes. A gold ring with a snake eating itself. And a medallion on a gold chain with an eye.
  • In Vordakai’s Tomb, Izziah, Elsmeera, Alruc, and others caught a glimpse of M’s eye in crystal ball by the throne watching them as they fell the necromanctic-cyclops. Before the crystal ball exploded.
  • Alruc remembered the insignia on M’s ring, being tied to his past in a halfing settlement. Similar to the banner he saw sailing away from the smoking runes of the village, a snake eating itself with a hawk. M’s ring bore the same symbol but without the hawk. Later it was confirmed it’s a symbol of the Aspis Consortium, an international trading service.
  • In the Koa-Toan temple, Elsmeera was invited to see their predictions, and M was artistically depicted as leading a burning army on Sarenhearth.


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